The people of Pisces like to maintain their control in everything or situation and want to do things according to their own way,


but as soon as these people find themselves away from the control of the situation, they feel guilty and consider themselves responsible for it.

One of the reasons Taurus takes things personally is that they are often trying to prove their self-worth to themselves and others. 


Taurus people take it personally when they see that they don't get the appreciation they deserve, or are left out in some way.

Scorpios tend to internalize things when they see that other people or those close to them are feeling strong negative feelings about their behavior,


 and when they are about to make a decision and are being opposed.

Librans can sometimes be controlling and get too attached to what other people are doing, but take it personally as soon as someone tries to manipulate or show their failure.


Cancerians are naturally very caring towards those they care about and when they are neglected, they walk away from them.


Capricorns dedicate themselves to their work with utmost devotion and dedication and expect praise, approval and attention in return,


but when they don't get the respect they deserve, they take things personally.

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