Signs of the Zodiac That May Be Completely Selfish

Scorpios can't be in a relationship they don't control. They think everyone in their life owes them. They become uncontrollable brutes when their hearts break.


They lash out at everyone and have violent outbursts. The star sign says whatever comes to mind without considering the other person's feelings.

The star sign can't take criticism because they think they're perfect. Taurus usually commands others to do their bidding. Bulls may turn people into puppets, which is their worst trait.


They consider themselves independent and unbound. Their independence has made them one of the most selfish zodiac signs. Aquarius is self-centered.


Star signs know they do things for fun. Aries is so selfish that even their family is used to being mistreated. Aries would do anything to acquire what they want. 


People with the Leo personality type thrive when the spotlight is on them. They are always unwilling to share the limelight. Contrary to popular belief, Leos lack self-assurance.


The star sign's insecurities have rendered it callous. Leos may be demanding, but that's because they like to be shown constant appreciation.

Geminis are the zodiac's socialites, so it's easy to forget how selfish they are.  Geminis have so many personalities that we wonder they know who they are.  Geminis simply pretend to be other people to get liked


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