Signs of the Zodiac that make the most toxic couples

The people of Cancer zodiac are very emotional and want to keep pace with such a partner who can understand their feelings and sympathize with them.

Cancer & Aquarius

Aquarius, on the other hand, shuns emotions and wants to connect with a partner who is emotionally independent.

Scorpio and Leo both believe that both are always right and can never do wrong, so when these two zodiac signs come together, it gives rise to a toxic relationship. 

Scorpio & Leo 

The people of these two zodiac signs can never compromise and instead of apologizing and bringing some change, they prefer to fight.

The people of Pisces want a soft and soft hearted person, on the other hand, Libra wants a strong and determined partner, when these two meet,

Pisces & Libra 

 they mostly take wrong decisions and promote a conflict among themselves. It seems that due to which the relationship between them starts getting spoiled.

Because of their strong sense of pride and independence, those born under the Taurus and Aries zodiac signs are notoriously difficult to get along with.

Taurus & Aries

This is especially true when the two partners are in a relationship together. It's because they can't apologise to him that their relationship is deteriorating.

The people of Taurus zodiac like calm and stability in life, on the other hand, the people of Sagittarius zodiac like adventure and the people of Sagittarius are also a little fierce in nature.

Sagittarius &Taurus 

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