Scorpio prefers to commit to a person who shares their qualities, otherwise this zodiac prefers to remain alone.


Virgos like to enjoy their alone time and remain dedicated towards their work, they are very responsible and well-organised.

Virgo may not be able to do it with anyone else as much as they are comfortable being alone and when it comes to choosing a partner, they judge them by their own standards.


Cancerians are very sensitive and look for a partner who understands their feelings, 

and once heartbroken, these people cannot reconnect, they believe that it is better to be alone than to be hurt again.


Pisces people are very emotional as well as creative and imaginative, these people prefer to be alone than to go into social concerns.

Although these people remain in relationships, but they are very hopeless romantics, due to which most of them remain alone.


Sagittarians love their independence very much, due to which they will stay in a relationship only if they can be completely devoted to the partner.

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