Signs of the Zodiac That Cause the Most Trouble


Cancer signs are notorious for moodiness and pessimism, but that's not all to fear. Cancer is the sign of the crab, which has sideways movements and a powerful squeeze.

People with the Cancerian sun sign react quickly to almost everything, including good things. Cancers won't think twice about using their protective armour.


This air sign is emotionally smart about relationships and connections, but lacks empathy. They're arrogant. Intellectual restlessness can make people feel superior & almighty.


Taurus can be harsh if they feel neglected or backstabbed, but they're really just wounded. To be safe, be patient and give them room.

A Taurus is usually faithful and tranquil. Few realise how quickly that can alter.The easygoing Taurus seems harmless until you hurt their heart. This earth sign exploits your weaknesses to attack.


Aries are daring and enthusiastic, yet may be tough if not appreciated. Aries is ruled by Mars. Shaking their crowns angers them. Aries's strong words might cause pain.


Scorpio's intensity and desire to exaggerate is often misconstrued. This intriguing sign remembers every insult and devises complex schemes for revenge.


Geminis are cheerful and lively, yet they have a dark side. Gemini is astrology's sharpest sign, but with talkative Mercury reigning the cluster, keen wit may also mean a sharp tongue.

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