Sign of the Zodiac Most Prone to Envy

Jealousy manifests itself in the form of paranoia and suspicion in Scorpios. Once they get over their jealousy, they become very giving people. To a Scorpio, it's all about giving and taking.


As the cardinal water sign, Cancer is highly sensitive. Jealousy is a clear sign of Cancer. Asking for help from someone else, such as for counsel or nurturing, can feel like rejection to a Cancer.


They will use it as a weapon against the one you confide in. They are only sad that you have found someone else to share your pain with.

The competitive nature of Leo can lead to aggression if the sign believes they are being overshadowed. Leo is prone to dramatics when he's feeling jealous.


When their pride isn't threatened, Leos are lovely and laid-back people. However, if you fail to recognise them, they'll resort to extreme measures to get your attention.

Taurus likes candles, feasts, and Broadway tickets. Taurus aren't all wealthy. Taurus might be stubborn and negative if you have more money than them, making you feel bad for living well.


Virgos are jealous. Mercury rules communication, therefore Virgos can be keen when envious. They aspire to be the best version of themselves, and their behaviour is usually good-hearted—but not always.


Alliances are governed by Libra. Currently, they're dating. Any Libra would be envious of a more attractive or "perfect" pair. When Libra witnesses a happy pair they feel competition from,


They may take a step back and assess their own connection. A jealousy in a Libra doesn't last long. As things settle back to normal, you can resume your regular routine.

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