Painted Turtle

Painted turtles are unique and attractive. They're shell-marked. These aquatic turtles need a large tank or outdoor space, good water filtration, and basking lights to stay warm. Similar to red-eared sliders, they need housing.

Mississippi Map Turtle

Mississippi map turtles have a dorsal fin, so they're also called 'Sawbacks' They don't need as large enclosures as some aquatic turtle relatives, making them appealing for those with limited space.

Common Musk Turtle

Among aquatic turtles, musk turtles are popular. They're little and need less maintenance than some. Turtles don't like being handled much. They're not strong swimmers, therefore their enclosure water shouldn't be too deep.

Spotted Turtle

Spotted turtles are very little. They can live indoors or outdoors in their speckled shells. Keep the water shallow for weak swimmers. Warm platforms and decorations are needed.

Yellow-Bellied Slider

Yellow-bellied sliders are popular pets since they're hardy if given the correct diet, enclosure, and illumination. They're active during the day, which attracts many owners.

Wood Turtle

When handled properly, Wood Turtles are friendly and hardy. Aquatic animals have complex needs. Outside in a large enclosure is best. As non-swimmers, keep their pond shallow.

Eastern Box Turtle

Box turtles need lots of space, yet they're versatile and can live indoors or outdoors. Shy turtles aren't violent. Gentle touch and minimal handling reveal their personality. If you have a treat, they may greet you.

African Sideneck Turtle

Long necks prevent these aquatic turtles from retracting inside their shells. They differ from aquatic turtles in structure. They're famous for their size and attractiveness, but they have extensive care needs.

Red-Eared Slider

Popular red-eared sliders. They're more gregarious and energetic than some relatives. These turtles can flourish in a pond with proper shelter, cleaning, and higher temperatures. As they develop, outdoor space becomes easier.

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