Seven Vegetables and Herbs That Thrive Indoors

An indoor superfood.This plant prefers moderate temperatures. Choose a warm, sunny place. Choose a deep pot for spinach's roots.


Herb with licorice-clove flavour. Opal, lemon, anise, and clove basil. Basil likes south-facing windows. Choose a pot with drainage since soil should be wet, not soaked.


A delicate herb with spicy leaves.Cilantro wilts in heat but needs light; an east-facing window is optimal.Keep soil moist, but not waterlogged.


In winter, utilise fluorescent lighting and a south-facing window for tomatoes. Tomatoes include UV-protective vitamins A, C, K, and beta-carotene.


Long-pointed succulent leaves. This plant soothes burns, sunburns, scrapes, and irritated skin. Use a leaf as needed.

Aloe vera

Lavender can be grown indoors during the winter for its aroma or healing effects. Keep the plant away from heat sources so it doesn't dry out.


Another good one for an indoor garden kit, but not necessary. Use a well-draining sandy soil, provide lots of sunshine, and water when dry.


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