4 restaurants making a comeback

It's easy to forget that nothing lasts forever during a restaurant chain's peak. Without flexibility, a chain may wonder where all its consumers went.

Golden Corral

When COVID-19 hit, Americans didn't want to eat with 50 strangers. At the time, lining up to pass a ladle over gravied pork seemed unthinkable. Golden Corral was devastated.

124 restaurants closed between 2020 & 2021. Prior to 2018, the corporation had 489 locations, therefore it lost a quarter of its presence.

The pandemic was serious. Dave & Buster's is too crowded. After a rough few years, the brand declared bankruptcy in 2020.


According to FSR Magazine, it laid off 1,300 staff & claimed an 87 percent reduction in same-store sales.

The first immunizations helped relax limitations later that year, saving the business from Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Bennigan's is a 1976 Irish pub-themed American restaurant chain. Over 300 Bennigan's restaurants existed at its peak. In 2008, Chapter 7 bankruptcy wiped out 150 Bennigan's establishments.


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