8 fast-food chains most criticised for food quality

A fast-food chain's ingredients determine its success. It's what separates one restaurant from another &, for many brands, from winning surveys or lawsuits.

Subway is the fast-food complaint king. The massive chain is as synonymous with infamy as it is with sandwiches, especially since most of its recent headlines have been about a lawsuit.


McDonald's is a global fast-food icon. This mega-chain is loved for its fries, Happy Meals, & Americana. Plenty to criticize. This is the company behind one of the most famous customer complaints, the hot coffee lawsuit.


Time has not been kind to Steak 'n Shake. Nor has public opinion. The once-popular burger & milkshake chain has teetered on the brink of bankruptcy only to continue losing revenue at an alarming rate.

Steak 'n Shake

To many, Chipotle is the pinnacle of fast food, but the tides may be turning against the brand. The chain is losing points on the American Customer Satisfaction Index due to shrinking portions & foodborne illness outbreaks.


Everyone's favourite childhood pizza place hasn't aged well. Pizza Hut's sales have plummeted despite its American nostalgia & pandemic-induced sales boost.

Pizza Hut

KFC has naysayers & diehards, but the company is the world's most hated fast-food chain. RAVE Reviews, a company that tracks Twitter comments & complaints about fast-food restaurants worldwide, ranked KFC last.


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