Red Dog Breeds that Will Catch Your Eye

Smooth, fine, glossy coatings. This coat needs regular brushing to shine. The Irish setter is a friendly, lively pup that enjoys human companionship.

Irish Setter

The dachshund isn't the first red-coated breed that comes to mind, yet it is. Smooth coatings are low-maintenance. Their short coats need baths.


Golden-red Vizslas have short, lustrous coats and lithe, nimble bodies. This dog is low-maintenance. No undercoat means less brushing.


The shiba inu is a tiny, golden-red dog with pointed ears. This breed's quiet, distant attitude draws similarities to foxes. This spitz thrives in lively, peaceful homes.

Shiba Inu

The golden retriever's coat may be gold, mahogany, or even crimson. Field-type golden retrievers are redder, leaner, and have shorter hair.

Golden Retriever

Cocker spaniels have beautiful coats. It's black, white, tan, brown, and red. This breed's fur and feathering can easily tangle and mat.

Cocker Spaniel

Large bear-like dogs with a curled tail and upright ears akin to shiba inus. Akitas can have red, black, white, tan, or chocolate coats. Their thick undercoat is shed twice a year.


The Pomeranian's double-layered coat gives it a fluffy appearance. It comes in red, orange, black, tan, and brown. Their long hair must be brushed often to avoid tangles.


Poodles are red with curly coats. All three sizes have the same sleek, athletic build. Their curly hair might be red, apricot, black, white, or grey.


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