Breaking up of a loving relationship is not a common thing, there are some mistakes due to which both the lovers get separated from each other and go in grief.

Once the relationship is broken, lovers often feel sorry and want to reconnect with their partner, in which these things given below prove to be helpful-

When the breakup happens, if you talk to your ex-partner about anything, then keep in mind that while talking to them, some wrong words should not come out of your mouth for them.

Avoid swearing

Once the relationship is broken, do not force the ex-partner in any way, especially do not force them to reconnect, leave them freely.

Do not exert any pressure

If you want to connect with your ex, then talk to a command friend among you, tell them that you are ashamed of your mistake and are ready to apologize.

Talk to common friend

Do not post about your breakup on social media, if possible, stay away from social media for some time, your Ex partner may be further away from you by posting something.

Don't tell everyone about the breakup

If you are not able to completely separate them, then do not date someone else to see or tease your ex, doing this will end your chances of reconnecting.

Refrain from dating

Take care of yourself after the breakup and don't do any wrong thing, don't let the thought of doing wrong come in your mind.

Don't do wrong

If you are not able to express in words what is in your heart, then send it to your partner in the message and keep your patience for patchup,

Be patient and speak your heart in the message

when you and your ex realize that your decision to separate is wrong. After that bring the thought of joining again.

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