Reasons why some people are prejudiced against felines

They may not dislike cats, but they may be allergic to cat dander. Cat coat-protective proteins are the triggers, not cat hair or other pet hair. Cat allergies may also be caused by saliva or urine proteins.

Cat Allergies

Many people believe cat allergies are caused by physical dander or hair. The public is unaware of the underlying cause: a severe chemical reaction. Cat allergy can cause anaphylaxis, like nut and food allergies.

Cats are carnivores.Animal or domestic, felines have a universal preference for small birds and rodents. Stray cats that have been spayed or neutered can be released back into the wild.

Predating on Birds

Cats have preferences. When caressed, they whack with extending claws. Cats learn to scratch and bite as kittens. Adult cats who were taught to play with human hands bite their owners' hands.

Biting and Scratching

People who hate cats may have had a poor experience as a child; an adult should set play limits. Misunderstood scratching or biting causes young families to give up their first cat.

Some find cats finicky and aloof. Scared cats hiss or swat. Cats may seem ungrateful compared to dogs. Dogs and cats are different. Dogs hunted in packs because it required collaboration.

Complicated Interactions with People

Cats hunt alone and eat little prey. Independent cats are adaptable. Socialized kittens bond with humans. Self-directed cats are wary of strangers.

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