When a man is in a relationship but is unsatisfied with it, there are a few reasons why he remains in that relationship.

When a man is not happy with his relationship but remains in it because he loves her a lot and keeps his thoughts optimistic. 

He is hopeful for his future with her and adores her

 He believes that things will get better someday and no relationship can be perfect, and relationships have ups and downs.

No matter how unhappy the relationship, when a man has strong feelings attached to a woman, he does not want to be filled with that relationship.

Being attached to strong feelings

When a person settles down assuming that he has no other option and this is the only relationship he is in.

He thinks he can't find anyone else

He thinks every moment that he cannot find another partner, after separation from this relationship, there will be loneliness in his life.

When a man is very emotional about his relationship and his emotions are attached to that relationship, then no matter what the situation comes, 

He is passionate about the relationship

 he does not go out of the relationship and keeps on fixing the relationship because he believes that Things will get solved sooner or later.

When a man sees that his partner is very beautiful and attractive, then the attractiveness of the woman keeps him in the relationship.

Due to partner attractiveness

When a man has deep devotion and loyalty towards his relationship then it becomes very difficult for him to walk out of the relationship.

He loves the relationship and is devoted

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