Reasons Being Single Makes You Healthier

Money has no value in a relationship, but when you live alone and are not bound in any relationship, then your money is spent less.

Freedom from money worries

If you are in a relationship and you have shortage of money or debt then you can go under stress.

Being alone can help you become more self-reliant since it gives you time to focus on yourself and cultivates a sense of independence.

Your independence grows stronger

A relationship keeps us away from friends because your first priority becomes your partner.

There is no rift in friendship

There is a friend in your life who understands your point of view and your sadness starts hurting him too, as long as you are alone. Long live your friendship.

In a relationship, you have to give first priority to your partner and plan your meal keeping in mind his/her preferences.

You can eat whatever you want all the time

But when you live alone, you can eat whatever you want according to your choice.

Being single doesn't make a difference in your social behavior because the greater resilience of single people keeps them connected to society.

Stay socially connected

Being single allows you to take better care of yourself because there are no restrictions on you

you can take better care of yourself

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