He understands women very well

A boy who often lives with women knows their thinking and working style he understands your changing nature if you are looking for such a guy then this type of boyfriend will be good for you.

He respects women

If he didn't respect women would he have a female friend? If he has so many friends then naturally he is a good boy in fact you are only friends of those people then you really respect you too.

easy to build relationships

Boys have extremely close friend groups when you are dealing with other women it is easier to find things normally it's very easy to talk to them when you meet for the first time.

They'll tell him when he's wrong

Female friends have no problem telling their male friends anything they can tell why you are so angry they are not afraid to tell her what she did and what she needs to do to fix it.

He makes sure how to apologize properly

After making any mistake they make sure that they apologize for their mistake they know how bad it is to get sorry and some faded flowers they will teach them how to forgive you honestly.

You get better gifts

Boyfriends try but they are not always the best gift givers those who already have female friends know what to give because even while shopping they are accompanied by women.

he will be stress free with you

A lover with female friends will not be obsessed with his every move his friends have helped him become a better version of himself he knows what is appropriate or not.

They are more confident

Boys who aren't around women will be a little insecure and shy that it will be difficult to really know them when the boy has a female friend so he knows how to act around women it's the perfect lover combination.

He has chosen you

Their boyfriend must have something for all his female friends let go of all his jealousy and enjoy the fact that he has chosen you.

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