You are less kind to yourself

You place a low value on yourself and give more consideration to those who are critical of others, thus you find yourself drawn to them.

 For this reason, it's crucial to appreciate yourself and treat yourself with respect if you want to attract like-minded others.

You consent to a situation you truly don't want

When it comes to your choice, you don't say anything and end up doing things you don't want to do and also accepting situations that you really don't want to.

You give up what you desire and yourself

When you are in a relationship where you don't care about yourself, even if it causes you pain, you will discover that you are more immediately drawn to a person who is unhealthy for you.

It's clear that you have little regard for or love of yourself

When you don't give yourself that love and respect, others tend to treat you the same way, so when you don't treat yourself well, no one else will either.

You keep your true self hidden

When you hide yourself and don't reveal your true self, you will only attract those people who are aligned with you, 

they will only be attracted to your facade and when the truth comes out Whoever you are attached to will become toxic.

You haven't dealt with your past completely

When it comes to your history, the sooner you deal with it, the better, since otherwise, you'll be having to deal with similar problems over and over again.

Confronting these realities might be challenging, but avoiding them just makes the agony worse.

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