Rare American animals

Hawaiian hawks have huge talons and hefty bodies for their length and wingspan. The Hawaiian hawk eats rodents, other birds, bugs, tiny reptiles, and fish.

Hawaiian hawk

It is only found in old-growth pine forests that the red-cockaded woodpecker can be found. Originating in the region's southeast

Red-cockaded woodpecker

Red wolves are endangered in the Southeast U.S. Conservation initiatives have enabled the red wolf, a coyote-gray wolf hybrid, recover.

Red wolf

Southeastern US is home to the American alligator. It feeds on fish, birds, mammals, and other reptiles in freshwater wetlands, marshes, and swamps.

American alligator

The nene is a medium-sized Hawaiian goose. In 1952, 30 geese remained. Reintroduction programmes have boosted their population. The world's rarest geese.


The red salamander is a semi-aquatic salamander found in streams and wooded wetlands in the eastern US. It's 20 cm long and eats insects, spiders, and salamanders.

Red salamander

The endangered apache trout is Arizona's state fish. It's native to the upper Salt River basin (Black and White rivers) and the upper Little Colorado River watershed.

Apache trout

The island fox is native to six of California's eight Channel Islands. Each island's fox subspecies reflects its evolutionary history.

Island fox

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