Randomly Patterned Cat Breeds

Spotted cat breeds are exotic-looking. Some have wild animal blood. The domesticated ones make terrific pets.


The Bengal has rosettes like leopards, jaguars, and ocelots. Golden, bronze, mahogany, grey, and silver Bengals have black or brown spots.

Egyptian Mau

Silver, bronze, and smoky Egyptian Maus have green eyes. Its markings are random, with no pattern. Intelligent, faithful Egyptian Maus.


Accidentally, the Ocicat seemed wild. Hogan thinks the Ocicat's musculature belies its friendliness. Black, chocolate, lavender, and silver.

Savannah Cat

The Savannah's markings are circular, oval, or elongated dark-brown to black dots. Stripes fan out from the back of the cat's head over the shoulder blades.


The Pixiebob is a strong, brawny cat with a hooded aspect, explains Fisher. The breed is notable for its bobbed tail and polydactyl nature.

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