Qualities that Men Like Most About Their Spouses

He enjoys thinking about you and smiling

When a man is thinking about a woman, he likes the smile that radiates from her.

If he can make you happy, he's happy

A man always likes to see a woman smiling and having a good time together. Whenever he is with a woman, he is ready to do anything for her happiness.

He likes to be with you

A man always wants to spend more and more time with his life partner and whenever he gets a chance to spend the time  he does not miss the opportunity.

Smile while kissing 

When a man kisses her partner and then the partner smiles, men are more attracted to it, and men like it when you smile.

Playing with her hair

A man loves to play with the hair of his life partner. This activity increases love between the two.

A man constantly tries to prove himself to attract the attention of a woman,

A Pleasant experience to see your life partner

when a man starts feeling the same love and affection from a woman, then there can be no better feeling for a man than this.

He seeks your advice always

A man who loves and respects his partner follows her advice in every way of life.

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