Costco CEO : drink shortages & price hikes.

For many shoppers, grocery sales receipts can't climb any higher. According to sources, inflation prices may worsen before improving, especially in beverage aisles before busy season.

Boxed CEO Chieh Huang reportedly said food-at-home inflation and drink shortages will continue this summer.

Huang's startup Boxed delivers groceries to customers' doors.

"This summer, I suspect beverages will have higher costs or shortages because factories are already running at full capacity, with summer's increased demand, we don't know what will happen," he said.

Wine prices are expected to rise this summer, impacting consumers. The price of wine bottles has risen 20%, not the wine itself.

Unfortunately, shoppers will pay. It's hardly the only alcohol driving up supermarket prices.

Many in the business anticipated inflation for all things would abate months ago, but it "hasn't abated," and merchants are questioning "where does it end?"

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