Predatory creatures that eat their young


Sometimes chickens eat their own eggs, but not always. Sometimes they eat the egg yolk that drips. If chickens are calcium deficient, they may eat their eggs.


Many snakes eat other snakes, but the Mexican lance-headed Rattlesnake ate its offspring. Don't worry, these mothers only consume dead or weak kids.


Small marine fish found globally. Babies are eaten. Fathers, not mothers, consume their offspring, unlike many animals on this list. Blennie fathers defend eggs. 


Scorpion mothers can lose a few infants because they have so many. Mother scorpions may consume their young if they don't have enough food.


Mother hamsters may consume their own infants due to stress, wanting to provide more nourishment for the rest of her litter, or scent confusion.


It's hard to think that a Rabbit could perform such a horrific murder, but animals are cruel. Rabbits may consume their stillborn infants to hide them from predators.


Lionesses eat captive and wild cubs. This is common among new moms. If their cubs act oddly or don't bond, mothers may consume them.


Rodents, including rats, kill infants. Many of their young are hungry, ill, or malformed since they have big litters. Mother rats may murder weaker young to give them more resources.

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