Pet Birds You Can Easily Train

Central and South American macaws are large pets. Too. These sociable parrots can talk, perch, and imitate. Macaws are raucous and need room to fly


Trainable Amazon parrot subspecies exist. These tough birds are smart and social. They need regular attention and enjoy mentally challenging toys and instruction.

Amazon Parrots

Funny, trainable cockatoos. They erect their crests in fear, excitement, or aggressiveness. They enjoy training so much that they regularly raise their crest.


Budgerigars, despite their size, are capable of complex communication and amazing accomplishments. Less expensive and more common are smaller birds. budgerigars may be taught new tricks


Mynah birds are quite trainable. Mynah birds aren't as popular as other birds as pets, but they can be obtained. These bright birds need mental stimulation and space to roam, yet they're easy to tame.

Mynah Birds

Greedy, lively, and quick learners, conures. Younger conures are easier to teach tricks than older ones, but many species utilise their feet, so some can learn.


These parrots converse and learn quickly. They can readily learn what you tell them, but like other birds, they also teach themselves. This means you can't reinforce unpleasant comments or actions.


Smart bird. This larger bird can mimic, communicate, and do stunts. Because of these features, cockatiels are popular for people who like cockatoos but not their size and lifetime.


African greys can converse, mimic noises, and learn colours and counting with a little training. Training sessions are a great way to bond with an African grey while also enriching it.

African Grey Parrots

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