Siamese is an early Asian cat breed. 19th-century Europe and North America embraced the Thai Wichianmat-derived Siamese.

American Shorthair

300 years ago, American Shorthairs migrated from Britain. The American Shorthair was on the Mayflower chasing mice.

Maine Coon

Large domestic cat breed, Maine Coon. One of North America's oldest breeds. Maine's state cat, the breed originated there.


The Siberian is relatively new to the U.S. but has lived in Siberia, Russia, and Europe for much longer.Siberians are affectionate, smart, and agile despite their size.


The Chartreux was immortalised in French literature as a fine mouser and has lived up to its reputation. The Chartreux is agile and loves to play fetch.


U.S. and Britain created Burmese cats in Burma. Most Burmese descended from Wong Mau, a Burmese cat mated with Siamese around 1930.


First brought to the U.S. as farm cats, there are still Manx colonies along the East Coast and in Kentucky. The Manx is fun-loving, friendly, and good with other pets.

Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora. Turkish Angoras are from Anatolia. 17th-century breed. Angora or Ankara cats are called abroad.


Persians have been termed "furniture with fur" since the first cat displays in the 1800s. This smart breed loves to play but lacks curiosity.