Pay special attention to these things while going on your first date

On your first date, keep in mind that respect the person you are dating, don't leave any gap in doing things.

Respect well

In the first date, when you are talking with your date partner, keep in mind that listen and understand the date partner's words with full patience.

Listen to date partner with patience

Understand the opinion of the girl in the first date and try your best to give maximum importance to the opinion of the date partner.

Don't overlook the date partner's opinion

Do not comment on the date partner's dress on the first date, it may make the date partner feel that you are judging him by his clothes.

Don't comment on the dress

During the first date, give your full attention to the date partner, avoid looking here and there and checking the phone again and again

Give full attention to the date partner

Choose the right place for the first date and don't take your dating partner to any extravagant place or deserted place.

Select the correct location

During your first date, don't show off in order to impress your dating partner, be real.

Be real

When you are talking about something with your dating partner, do not use any wrong words in front of her, she will feel bad for doing so.

Don't use bad words

At the time of your first date, make your dating partner feel that he is completely safe with them.

Make feel safe

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