Best pasta, pizza, & more in your state

Many American Italian restaurants have been in the same family for centuries. We picked our favorite restaurant in every state. Before visiting a restaurant, check its website for COVID-19-related modifications.

Birmingham's Gianmarco's

Gianmarco's in Edgewood serves honest northern Italian comfort fare. Menu items include mushroom ravioli with black truffle & spinach, risotto with clams, mussels, prawns, & calamari, & wagyu beef with mac & cheese.

Sorrento's has served Anchorage over 40 years. Family-owned restaurant serving fettuccine alfredo & four-cheese penne al forno (pictured). Stuffed mushrooms & tiramis├╣ are favourites.

Anchorage's Sorrento's

RigaTony's is a large old-school restaurant with vintage decor and charm. Tempe eatery contains booths & low illumination.

RigaTony's, Tempe, Arizona

Ermilio's has established a loyal following in Eureka Springs over the years. Customers adore the attentive service and pan-roasted pork chop with porcini mushroom sauce.

Eureka Springs' Ermilio's Italian Home Cooking

Authentic food is preferred by local Italians. Tern's wood-fired pizzas, veggie platters, & homemade pasta draw crowds.

Palo Alto, Tern

Paracivini's is known for its white clam linguine, salmon in mustard and dill sauce with shrimp, and steaks. Franco Pisani, who grew up watching his mother bake, owns it.

Paravicini's, Colorado Springs

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