Cats are popular pets around the world. There are many pet cats and many homeless cats worldwide. Feral cat population is difficult to estimate.


Pigs are grown for meat. Globally, there are 600 million pigs.They can be pets, but meat is their main function. Pigs can compost since they consume old fruits and vegetables.


Donkeys are popular as pets. They've benefited agriculture for centuries. Donkeys are great pets and defend livestock from predators.


Goats are domesticated and wild. All four continents have these animals. Meat and hides come from goats. Goats give milk and cheese. They're gentle pets.


Sheep are popular livestock, but they're hard to handle. They're reared for wool and sheared frequently. Sheep are easy prey and must be fenced in or guarded by a dog or donkey.


More than 1 billion cows live globally. Cows produce milk, meat, and hide. Grazing ruminants. Cows are overpopulated, yet their population is dropping in the west.


400 million pets and millions of strays exist globally. North America, Europe, and Russia are dog-friendly. Strays and dog breeds exist in Asia and Africa. Small dogs exist.


Wild rabbits are popular pets worldwide. Strong rabbit populations can damage gardens and crops. Some rabbit species are vulnerable despite being overpopulated.


Squirrels are a worldwide rodent. Squirrels live throughout North America, Asia, China, Russia, Africa, and Europe. Squirrels are overpopulated, yet they're not good pets.


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