Organisms With More Than One Stomach

Cows have a 4-chamber stomach. rumen, reticulum, abomasum Each part of a cow's digestive tract aids digestion. Cow Chew? Chew. It helps cows digest and digest food.


Deer stomachs are 4-part.Rumen, Reticulum, Omasum, and Abomasum are the deer's stomach sections.  Deer chew, swallow, and regurgitate food.


Sheep have four stomachs that make up one large digestive system. Because of this technique, sheep regurgitate their chewed meal to chew, break, and digest it again.


Having four stomachs suggests giraffes are ruminants. Giraffes re-chew and re-swallow food to digest it. Their four-stomach arrangement makes low-energy foods energy-dense.


Pronghorns have four stomachs. Their stomach organs allow them to re-chew and re-swallow food. Pronghorns' digestive system stores and absorbs plant energy.


Goats have four stomachs to maximise energy and nutrients from low-energy plants and vegetation. Goats can regurgitate food and chew cud to better digest it.


Four stomachs. Moose eat low-energy vegetation. Their approach lets them preserve food energy. Their four-chamber stomach helps them to re-chew and re-swallow food.


Hippos are pseudo-ruminants with three stomach chambers. No ruminating means no regurgitation for hippos. Hippos are grass-eating omnivores. Their stomachs favour plant-based foods.


Sperm 4 bellies Unlike cows and deer, they digest differently. Teethless whales can't eat. First stomach chamber grinds food. Stomach muscles do this. First chamber digests.

Sperm Whales

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