US's most historic restaurants

The USA's non-indigenous past is short. Despite this, it has many historic eateries that transport guests back in time.

Think modest inns and taverns that witnessed the American Revolution & restaurants where presidents have dined. whether on the campaign trail or to unwind.

Boston's Union Oyster House

Union Oyster House, Boston's oldest restaurant, has hosted historical figures. It was President John F. Kennedy's favourite Sunday lunch destination & the first US restaurant to utilise toothpicks.

The Black Horse Tavern & Pub opened in 1742. The restaurant serves American staples including chicken pot pie & Maine lobster with baked potato & drawn butter.

Mendham Township's Black Horse Tavern & Pub

The Bright Star served Southern seafood with a Greek flair in 1907. Senator Howell Heflin recognized it as an Alabama monument in 1996.

Bessemer's Bright Star

The Clinton House has been a frequent travel station between New York & Pennsylvania since 1743. The inn's rooms have a colonial style with a modern touch, & its restaurant serves burgers & classic American specialties.

Clinton House, New Jersey

Concord's Colonial Inn has played a role in many historical occurrences. The 1716 inn was there during the American Revolution. Arms & food were stored there.

Boston's Colonial Inn

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