Top vegetarian restaurants

Beijing King's Joy
Three Michelin stars and a Michelin green star for gastronomy and sustainability make King's Joy the vegetarian restaurant to beat.

Vancouver's Acorn
Vancouver's award-winning restaurant opened in 2012 with a vegetable-forward cuisine. Chef Devon Latte's tasting menu is served family-style with wine.

Dubai's first and only all-vegetarian restaurant, AVATARA, uses local food and dairy. Chef Rahul Rana grew up in the Himalayas & creates sophisticated Indian delicacies.

Philadelphia, USA
Nicole Marquis opened an all-vegan cafe & cocktail bar with tiny meals and powerful beverages.

Berlin's Cookies Cream
Cookies Cream, a vegetarian restaurant in a former Berlin nightclub, holds one Michelin star for its innovative dishes & modern vibe.

Los Angeles' Crossroads Kitchen
Crossroads, a popular LA restaurant with a refined menu and tailored cocktail list, serves Mediterranean vegan fare. 

Nijmegen's Nieuwe Winkel
Emile van der Staak, inspired by woodland gardening, created De Nieuwe Winkel. He intends to combat the climate catastrophe by substituting veggies for meat.

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