New tech may predict your restaurant order by gender.

A woman enters fast-food restaurant. A man enters the fast-food joint. They stand side-by-side at self-serve kiosks ready to order, but see different menus.

Man sees burgers, woman sees grilled chicken salads. No bug. Restaurants are using AI to personalise the dining experience and sell more food.

Restaurant Business first reported on this dystopian-sounding technology. The kiosks' cameras allegedly categorise customers by sex, age, mood, and menu distraction.

Raydiant, a California-based company, wants to make brick-and-mortar restaurants "more enthralling" Raydiant acquired Sightcorp in January to collect anonymous customer data.

Together, they create menus that change based on the customer's appearance. Eventually, the company will offer AI-assisted restaurant ordering.

Like the internet, right? Worst-case scenario
aIl amplifies the inherent and unconscious bias in the world, so demographics should never be used to determine someone's preferences.

AI has hurt some people. In 2020, a man was wrongfully arrested in Michigan because of facial recognition software. Experts say AI systems can exhibit bias when trained with data.

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