You care about your partner but more than that you care about your own wants and needs, and that is what holds you back from making any compromises in the relationship.

You don’t know how to compromise

Whenever you go out, you keep distance from people, and a different attitude of yours comes to the fore, whenever you talk to people, their every word starts bothering you.

You find everyone and everything irritating

You remain self-centered, and at the same time show no humility towards anyone, so this is a sign that you are not ready for a relationship.

You’re self-centered

You want things to happen exactly when you say they should happen, on the other hand you don't see any thing called patience

To put it bluntly, you lack patience

You are not quite ready to be in a relationship because you avoid making any sacrifice for the benefit of your partner.

You feel unwilling to give up anything for your mate

Even after getting a new partner, you remain lost in the love of your ex and cannot think of increasing the relationship with the present partner.

You haven't gotten over your ex-lover

A relationship runs on trust but when you cannot trust your partner then you are not ready to be in a relationship.

You have major trust issues

Whenever you enter a new relationship, you automatically assume that your new spouse will repeat the same faults your previous partner did. 

You hold your ex’s past against any potential partner

You make false accusations that they are engaging in the same behaviour when it is obvious that they are not. Your lack of readiness for a committed relationship is evident.

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