Nine qualities that women seek in a man

Women want confident men

Women want a man who is confident and makes them feel good to talk to.

Women want men with a sense of humor

A woman longs for a man who reacts according to the situation, like makes her laugh in happy times.

Women crave men's respect

Women want a man who sees them as equals and takes them along with them in every decision and does not try to dominate them.

Women want autonomous males

Women give more importance to such a man who is independent and self-sufficient instead of a bound man.

Women desire forceful men

Women are attracted to a man who is outspoken and not shy at all, and talks openly about his needs.

Social men attract women

Instead of being alone, women love men who are involved in every type of activity and have a sociable nature.

Women want passionate men

When it comes to their relationship, women want their men to demonstrate to them the depth and intensity of their love.

Women want men who are protective

When a woman is with a man and she feels comfortable in his company, and just by his presence the woman feels safe.

To a woman, an accepting man is the ideal

Women want men to accept them as they are and not force them to change.

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