Walking in the woods may be the cheapest activity on our list. That doesn't mean you can buy hiking shoes, poles, backpacks, etc. You can hike in a state park for the cost of gas.


Popular outdoor activity: camping. It takes little to no talent to start, but the expenditures might be high. Many prefer to sleep in a comfortable bed at home.


This is a great backyard hobby for nature lovers. Raised bed gardens consist of a wooden frame filled with soil and nutrients. This method requires less digging and allows greater plant control. This sort of garden may cost extra.


Depending on the size of your backyard, this may be possible. Beekeeping is the practise of maintaining a colony of bees in order to collect honey. Getting started requires some preparation, resources, and diligence.

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography captures creatures in the wild. It demands photography skills and expensive equipment. Although not cheap, it can be addicting for animal lovers.

Horseback Riding 

Horseback riding is a technique to get close to horses. If you love horses, this might be a fun hobby, but it's expensive. Horseback riding is a very pricey hobby.

Butterfly Watching

Butterfly watching is a specialised activity that complements gardening. It's simple butterfly observation and conservation. A not-so-popular activity that brings you closer to nature.

Bird Watching

There are countless of species out there for you to add to your life list. A digital single-lens reflex camera, tripod, pair of binoculars, or spotting scope are all necessities for this outing. The costs of getting started in your backyard are low.


Amateur astronomy involves skygazing. This is a unique activity that I enjoy doing at night. The entry barrier ranges from free to thousands of dollars for high-powered telescopes.

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