Coyotes live in deserts and prairies in North America. Coyotes and foxes have lean bodies, thick coats, and bushy tails. Coyotes are superb hunters but also eat fruits, vegetables, insects, and grass. Coyotes hunt alone or in couples.


Raccoons prefer cities and can be pests, like foxes. aroughgun meaning "beast with scratching hands" Black mask-like markings on raccoons help them see.


Bobcats and foxes have outstanding hearing, eyesight, and smell despite smaller ears. Bobcats live in woods and swamps in North America. Bobcats aren't nocturnal but hunt at night and dawn.


The full-grown weasel is 4 to 10 inches long. Weasels eat mice, frogs, and songbirds despite their size. Weasels' fur can be brown, black, grey, and red, like foxes'. Weasels can't store fat, therefore they hunt while awake.


Foxes have skunk-like odour. Foxes mark and communicate via their scent glands. Skunks' scent glands repel predators. Like foxes, skunks eat underground.


Smaller than wolves, foxes have narrow snouts and fluffy tails. Wolves are gregarious animals that hunt in packs, despite the conventional expression. The wolf howls, although also has many other vocalisations.

Mountain lions

Mountain lions and foxes have vibrissae whiskers that detect air changes. Both animals can hunt at night because of this.Mountain lions inhabit North and South America. They can jump 50 mph.


Only cats can survive in the wild after being tamed. Cats have whiskers on their back legs, like foxes. A cat can reach 30mph and jump 8ft. Most cats snooze, though.

Red Pandas

Despite looking like foxes, red pandas are actually linked to raccoons. Red pandas dwell in China and the Himalayas. Although a carnivore, the red panda eats insects and bamboo.

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