Talking to your wife about the fact that she has dated someone before your relationship, trying to dig up her past makes you a jealous husband.

Talking about his past relationships

Your spouse may spend more time texting other people but is constantly focused on the phone even when you are with them.

Constantly texting someone else

It is normal to connect with new people but when your husband starts praising one of his friends whom you have never met.

Constantly referencing a new buddy

When your husband allows you to go out alone at night but something else is on his mind, it makes him a jealous husband.

A girls night out

When you spend your time posting on social media and your husband reacts to your post, then he becomes jealous.

Spending tons of time on social media

When you wear a nice dress to go out, your husband starts making some negative comments on seeing it, then it leads to jealousy.

Getting very dressed to hang out with pals

When you are planning something and then your husband once again starts talking about your old relationship or starts talking about himself then it makes him a jealous husband.

Repeating experiences he or she had with an ex

Whenever he is with his friends and starts favoring his friend more than you

To take the side of a friend rather than yourself

When you suddenly start doing makeover, your husband does not like to see it.

Getting a sudden makeover

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