Everything's getting pricier... except rotisserie chicken

Inflation has raised the price of practically everything at the grocery store, from Oreos, Ritz, & Cheerios to milk and meat.

Supermarkets seem determined to preserve the price of hallmark offers like inexpensive rotisserie chickens & Costco's hot dog & Coke combo from rising.

Not mentioned: Costco's $5 rotisserie chicken bargain. Other supermarkets are considering similar arrangements. 

BJ's Wholesale Club CEO Bob Eddy noted their $4.99 fowl during last week's earnings call.

"The rotisserie chicken is perhaps the headline example where we haven't moved off the pricing, given double-digit increase in that item," he said.

Chains concur. CNN Business recently named Sam's Club, Meijer, and Publix for maintaining rotisserie chicken prices.

Giant Eagle hasn't changed the pricing of its $6.99 birds. A company spokeswoman said rotisserie chicken is a popular center-of-plate dish.

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