Most Preferred Green Parrots as Pets

Many parrot species, including pet parrots, are green. Some green parrots have brilliant colouring, while others have subtle characteristics. These sophisticated birds need a dedicated caregiver.


The budgie is a popular green pet bird. Common budgies are yellowish-green with black spots and stripes. Budgies are smart, gregarious, and easy to care for. Comparatively little, kids need lots of physical and cognitive exercise.


Green eclectus parrots are gorgeous. Its plumage indicates sex. Huge, green eclectus males have orange beaks. Red women. Neglected, these sociable birds might become stressed.


Nearly all lovebird species have a green variation. Small lovebirds have enormous personalities. Well-socialized lovebirds are affectionate as their name suggests.

Rose-ringed parakeet

Breeding makes rose ringneck parakeets pastel green. Green parrots aren't for beginners. Adolescent hormones make ringnecks hoodwink. They need mental and physical stimulation.

Green-Cheeked Conure

Small, feisty green-cheeked conures have green plumage with grey, red, and blue. They enjoy to play and socialise with their caretakers. If bored or neglected, they pick their feathers. 

Amazon Parrot

The Amazon parrot is the biggest and most famous green parrot. Species include blue-fronted, yellow-naped, and double yellow-headed Amazons. Each variety is green and marked differently.

Pacific Parrotlet

Parrotlets are tiny, fierce parrots. They need continuous handling to keep tame because they snap when left alone. Bright, active birds need outside exercise and enrichment.

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Quaker Parrot

Outgoing Quaker parrots, also called monk parakeets, enjoy human connection. Some create close ties, and well-socialized ones are gentle. Many of these birds can talk, sing, and mimic.