Most lethal animals on Earth

 Golden Poison Frog

Venomous Golden Poison Frog. They're a toxic animal. 10-20 people die from frog venom. Touching these frogs can hurt or irritate the skin, but eating them is fatal. Colombian rainforests have golden poison frogs.

Reticulated Python

30-foot-long reticulated pythons. These snakes are strong. Each year, one or two people get swallowed. Constricting snakes kill. Southeast Asian forests, farms, and cities have Reticulated Pythons.

Bull Shark

Bull sharks frequently attack humans. Bull sharks swim where people do, unlike other sharks. Bull sharks have repeatedly attacked humans. North and South America, Africa, India, and Asia have warm, brackish, coastal seas with bull sharks.

Komodo Dragons

Komodo Dragons grow 7.5-8.5 feet long. They can overpower prey before biting venomously. Komodo dragon attacks are rare. Indonesia's Komodo Islands have Komodos.


Lions kill dozens of people annually. Lions have eaten humans to increase their food supply, although these people are usually poachers. Lions roam sub-Saharan Africa's plains and savannah.

King Cobra

King Cobras are the longest deadly snakes. Large venom ducts contribute to their deadly magnitude. King Cobras can inject large amounts of venom, which can kill in under an hour if untreated.


Elephants are gentle but dangerous. Elephants harm farmland near their habitat. Sub-Saharan Africa's woods, savannahs, and scrubland have two elephant species. Asia's woods are home to Asian Elephants.


Tigers are excellent hunters who take their victim by the throat with surprise. They mostly hunt deer and boar, but have sometimes attacked elephants and rhinos. Tigers inhabit India and Southeast Asia's pristine jungles.

Grizzly Bears

Huge and aggressive, Grizzlies. Bears hurt humans seldom. Grizzlies aggressively defend their young. Grizzlies live in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, western and northern Canada, and Alaska.

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