Most Interesting Species With Extra-Large Eyes

Slow Loris

Slow Loris has huge eyes. The Night-Vision Slow Loris is nocturnal. Kukang eat fruits, water plants, and bugs. Hiding animals. Venomous only slow loris.


Their large eyes let them see in the dark so they can hunt. Due to the difficulty in moving their massive eyes, owls instead swivel their heads.


Southern Asian woodlands have tarsiers. This cute ape hunts. Long neck hunts lizards and birds. Mammalian eyes are largest in tarsiers. Despite good night vision, they can't see colours.


Lemurs are one of the cutest big-eyed creatures. This ape from Madagascar has excellent night vision. This helps it catch prey easier than most night primates.

Tree Frog

Big eyes make the Tree Frog one of the cutest frogs. This species spends most of the day on trees in Central American jungles. Three eyelids help in vision and hunting.

 Leaf-Tailed Gecko

This big-eyed lizard is first. The Leaf-Tailed Gecko's vertical pupils help it to detect nighttime colours. Every gecko species can see 300 times better than people.


The Dragonfly is a strange inclusion to this list, but its big eyes make it cute. It's a top insect predator due to its 360-degree vision. Dragonflies with low-light vision exist.

Mantis Shrimp

Mantis Shrimp have the best vision, thus they're included. Large eyes and colouring make them attractive but ferocious. Mantis Shrimp has 12 colour receptors to humans

Ogre-faced spider

This creature has six eyes, but they appear like two enormous eyes, so they're included. Their 100x night vision makes them a fearsome insect predator.

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