Most Emotionally Complex Zodiac Sign

Mars-ruled Aries does what it wants when it wants. It's no wonder that this fiery sign is the zodiac's most passionate.Whether their motivation is love,


They are fierce and honest, but Scorpios. This sign's ardour, though, is more hidden because Mars rules it. Scorpio cares deeply about both material


wealth and sensual experience. If anything piques a Scorpio's curiosity, you should expect them to delve deeply into it.

Leo always brings powerful emotions to interactions. This sign adores the spotlight and will work hard to get there and remain there, so expect fury, sexuality, or drama.


Sagittarians are bold, loyal, and sociable. Mutable fire sign also appreciates "Philosophy debates and sharing opinions are equally popular.


Taurus' desires will demand patience. Their drive is pleasure, and they can be passionate about the Earth, nature, excellent food, wine, and physical experiences.


Cancers show kindness. Despite their sensitivity, those born under the sign of the water turtle tend to keep their emotions firmly ensconced within.


For them, nothing is more important than protecting their family, bringing up their kids, and providing for them. Expect all interactions to be impacted by their drive.

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