Red Squirrels

Red Squirrels eat seed. These animals hide food in their nests. Before hibernation, squirrels moult. They have cheek pouches. They eat seeds, fruit, and plants.


chipmunks are brown with black markings. Mice eat pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame seeds. They hide food in cheek pouches to withstand winter.


wild and pet parrots eat fruit seeds. We like cherry, grape, and raspberry seeds. Birds consume grain. They eat insects, veg, and fruit in the wild. Bird seed is a blend of grain


Wild hamsters are popular pets. Wild and captive hamsters eat seeds and nuts. Wild hamsters must fend for themselves, but pet hamsters can eat commercial food.


Mice eat and interact with people like hamsters. These wild rats make good pets. They're omnivores and opportunistic, so they'll consume almost anything.


Blackbirds eat seeds, like other North American and global bird species. Fruit, vegetable, and other plant seeds are consumed. Blackbirds eat bugs, worms, and grains.


Deer are common in North, Central, and South America. This varies by season and habitat. Grass, seeds, shrubs, twigs, and corn are deer staples.


Wild or captive rabbits like eating particular seeds. Mice love sunflower seeds. Rabbit pellets, grain, and seeds are common commercial feeds.


Woodpeckers eat a wide variety of foods, including insects off trees. Woodpeckers eat seed-based commercial bird feed. Also seeds and nuts.

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