Most butterflies are found in Maryland

The black swallowtail frequents parks. They have a 2.75- to 3.5- or 4.5-inch wingspan. Males and females fly with yellow patches and iridescent blue patterns. Men are bluer than women.

Black Swallowtail

Burnt orange caterpillars have black spiky tufts. During pupation, caterpillars form their white, orange, and black chrysalis. Maryland's Baltimore Checkerspot is threatened.

Baltimore Checkerspot

Maryland has hairstreaks and elfin butterflies. The name comes from its 1 to 1.25-inch wingspan. Brown bodies with lighter patterns; black eyes on lighter heads.

Frosted Elfin

Checkered butterflies and flowers are called fritillaries. Males and females have pale orange wings, while females have a darker, almost black back half.

Gulf Fritillary

The American lady is orange with black and white patterns. The abdomen and wings are orange. At rest, the underside of the wings is brilliant pink with browns, blacks, and whites.

 American lady

At rest, when the wings are up, this tiny butterfly's underside is marblized yellowish-gold. Yellowish-gold compound eyes contrast with the head's white colour.

Olympia Marble

A butterfly with numerous names, the eastern comma is also called the hop merchant butterfly. Unlike many other butterfly species, this species may remain inconspicuous.

Eastern Comma

This brown, mottled butterfly resembles a dead leaf in the woods. Its 2-inch wingspan blends in. Silver comma-shaped marking on hindwing underside

Skippers are named moths and butterflies. Some call them a moth-butterfly hybrid. The Zabulon is a tiny, stout North American skipper. Sexually dimorphic.

Zabulon skipper

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