State's best deli sandwich

Family-owned Alabama roast turkey

 Bates Turkey Farm established in 1923, and its restaurant serves turkey chilli taco salad and turkey gumbo.

Pastrami Cheesesteak

Despite its Chicago sports theme, this Anchorage restaurant has a dedicated Alaskan following (including a whopping 9-pound sandwich challenge).


This modest eatery serves crave-worthy sandwiches and "steamers" – Vie de France hoagies covered with parmesan garlic butter.

Gilbert's Italian Beef

Isn't a Deli This strip mall restaurant and bakery distinguishes out because it trains and employs persons with developmental challenges, including autism.

French Dip

French Dip is a huge, hot sandwich on a crispy French bread made with roast beef (or ham, turkey, pastrami, or lamb) and served with a side of jus for dipping.

Veggie Colorado

This mom-and-pop shop's modest menu gets rave reviews. Portobello mushroom, red pepper, zucchini, red onion, goat cheese, & house-made pesto cost $10.50.

Corned beef

Rein's is a must-visit Jewish deli off I-84. Some aficionados swear by the Vernon Chicken Salad Club and the Reuben, but the famed corned beef should not be missed. 

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