Maryland's eight most prevalent Hawks

The osprey is a worldwide species of diurnal raptor that feeds primarily on fish. This bird, which is both large and terrifying, flies high and goes about its business without stopping.


Medium-sized tail and wings accentuate this bird's physique. Its dark and white wings and red breast match its length and colour.

Red-Shouldered Hawk

Northern Harriers live and nest in open areas. These birds live in the Arctic tundra, marshes, and grasslands, where they may find small mammals, migrate, and avoid snow.

Northern Harrier

This predatory bird dwells in fields and woods. One such bird has broad wings, a short tail, and a medium body. Size makes red-tailed hawks easy to confuse with eagles.

Red-Tailed Hawk

Cooper's hawk lives in southern Canada and Mexico. Cooper's Hawks are different. They inhabit woodlands, fields, and backyards.

Cooper’s Hawk

Big-winged Buteo. Eastern North American subspecies summer. This hawk has a square tail to match its rectangular body and enormous wingspans.

Broad-Winged Hawk

Sharp-shinned hawks have long tails, round wings, and small bodies. North America's smallest hawks are males. They can't flap their narrow wings and little heads. Men are outnumbered.

Sharp-Shinned Hawk

Large wingspan, unique body, orange and red eyes. White head and eye stripes distinguish goshawks. Northern Goshawks are covert, swift, yet slow when seeking food.

Northern Goshawk

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