Maryland Is Home To 8 Different Types Of Carnivores

Midsize North American black bear. Not necessarily black, despite their name. Brown, tan, and blonde fur are also common.130-190 cm tall, 200-300 kg. Black bears are most common in Garrett and Allegany counties.

American Black Bear

Canada-US semiaquatic mammal. Tan, brown, or black. 62 cm and 1 kg. Mink eat frogs, salamanders, birds, muskrats, eggs, crayfish, mice, voles. Wild for 3 years, captivity for 10.

American Mink

Midsize, nocturnal bobcat related to lynx. They look like large cats with bobbed tails. Grayish brown to crimson, with a white underbelly. 47-125 cm long, 8-9 kg.


The coyote is a slim, tiny canine that resembles a domestic dog. Their underbelly is white.Coyotes are 1.5 m (tail included) and 6.8 to 21 kg. Their wild lifespan is 10-14 years and 21 in captivity.


Great Plains and Southeastern woodlands are home to spotted skunks. They're in Canada and northeastern Mexico. 46-68 cm long and 0.2-1.8 kg, the Eastern spotted skunk. Bigger men.

Eastern Spotted Skunk

Little weasel is also called least weasel. Mustela's tiniest member. North America, Eurasia, and North Africa are home. Thin, long bodies with short tails and legs.

Least Weasel

River otters are intelligent, semiaquatic northern mammals. River otters have dense, short fur. Gray to brown, with a brighter underbelly
They're 66-107 cm and 5-14 kg.

North American River Otter

The striped skunk is a nocturnal North American animal. Black, grey, or brown, they have a white stripe from head to tail. 52-77 cm long, 1.8-4.5 kg.

Striped Skunk

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