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Marshmallow tea reportedly soothes sore throats.

Classic green tea soothes the throat. Green tea's anti-inflammatory actions may minimise throat swelling, says Dr. Glatter. Hot tea soothes itchy throats. Lemon and honey boost flavour.

Green Tea

Black tea can relax a sore throat and wake you up in the morning. Dr. Glatter says black tea's tannins may relieve inflammation and sore throat pain.

Black Tea

 Dr. Glatter believes mint tea might relieve a sore throat. Why? Contains anti-inflammatory menthol. Menthol can dry out tissues, so use it gently. Just don't gulp mint tea all day.

Peppermint Tea

 Dr. Glatter says licorice root tea's antibacterial and antiviral action can soothe sore throats. If you like licorice (I know, it's polarising), sip this sweet tea when you're sick.

Licorice Tea

This classic nighttime drink is made from flowers and helps with sore throats and coughs. Dr. Glatter says chamomile tea's antioxidants help the body fight infection.

Chai Tea

This gentle tea is made from the healthy marshmallow plant, but doesn't taste like s'mores. Dr. Glatter says marshmallow root secretes mucilage, which coats & soothes a sore throat.

Marshmallow tea

Ginger candies and stir-fry addicts? Congratulations! Spicy ginger tea can help sore throats because ginger root contains anti-inflammatory ingredients, explains Dr. Glatter.

Ginger Tea

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