Maintaining a Healthy Rabbit as a Pet

Rabbits are gregarious and active. Rabbits build intimate bonds with other rabbits and even people. If you know what to anticipate, rabbits can be great pets.

Rabbit Behavior & Temperament

SOCIALARABBIT They're playful and amusing when handled gently. Owners and rabbits bond. Rabbits are holdable. They love being cuddled and petted.

Rabbits are peaceful pets that require daily feedings and cleanings. Daily exercise outside the cage is essential. They chew. Rabbits need companionship, so keep multiples.

Size & Age Information

Breeds range from 8 to 20 inches length. Small breeds weigh a few pounds, and giant breeds might reach 20 pounds or more. Lifespen 8 years


Keep rabbits indoors because they're prey. Unsupervised, a medium-sized rabbit needs a 2x3-foot enclosure. Multibunnies need room.

Rabbits Diet(Eat & Drink)

Herbivore rabbits eat largely hay. Feed timothy, oat hay, orchard grass, and avoid alfalfa hay. You can pile hay in the enclosure or use a hopper.

Greens and hay. Benefits include lettuce, herbs, watercress, cucumbers, and sprouts. Produce less. Rabbits need water. Refill a ceramic dish or water bottle attached to the enclosure.

Health Problems

Rabbits have digestive disorders, such as obstructions and diarrhoea. Corneal ulcers Overgrown rabbit teeth make eating and drinking difficult and must be cut by a vet.

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