Low-Maintenance Dogs with Short Coats

Clean, silky, and odor-free describe the African Basenji's coat. Cat-grooming Basenjis. Mute dogs don't bark. Loud. Basenjis yodel. Kind but wary of strangers.


Medium-sized boxers were made in late 1800s Germany. The silky coat needs a curry or soft bristle brush regularly. The breed needs a bath only sometimes. Boxers are athletic and energetic.


Bull terriers' faces resemble horses. Short, glossy, rough. Weekly, remove loose hair with bristle brushes, curry brushes, or hound gloves. Respectful children like this breed. 

Bull Terrier

Croatia's Dalmatians are spotted. Short, thick, fine, and lustrous describe Dalmatian coat. Brush this dog more to reduce dog hair inside. Dogs calmed and protected horses.


Brush the dog's coat weekly. Huge, active Dobermans need a lot of exercise. Loyal guards. Dobermans are affectionate and courteous around children.

Doberman Pinscher

Fastest are greyhounds. Greyhounds are spotless. Smooth-coated dogs shed less. You may not need to brush it if it's fine and close to the body; just use a damp cloth.


Rhodesian ridgebacks were created to herd lions and guard homes. The dog's back has opposing-growing hair. Low-maintenance ridgeback hair easily sheds.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

 Weimaraners are low-maintenance. The sleek short coat should be brushed with a rubbery dog brush to eliminate loose hair and bathed if unclean.


This Hungarian breed is compassionate, beautiful, and athletic. Vizslas' coats are low-maintenance. Weekly brushing removes dead hair and conditions their short coat.


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