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Comfort and safety can be challenged by everyday interruptions or the loss of an item. On November 17, Mercury moves into Sagittarius, bringing relief from life's turbulence. Transience.


Finding oneself can throw up some unflattering truths. Be kind to yourself and grant yourself forgiveness. It's mending time for Sagittarius. It matters how your wisdom is applied in the present.


Your past may apologise, letting you go on. If you don't resolve problems immediately, they may affect modern relationships. Spend time with your family. Feelings shouldn't stop you.


Changes in society may frustrate but not surprise you. Go easy. Let go of toxic individuals and relationships. Getting a job will solve your difficulties. Keep occupied with monthly goals.


If you're unsure about changing careers, you may experience an unexpected transformation. Pay heed to indicators and trust your gut, even if it leads you down a painful path


Your dreams aren't useless if reality doesn't go as planned. Believe in fresh results and don't allow disappointment confirm your subconscious worries and self-doubt.


Your defence mechanism may be withdrawn, bringing you shocking self-worth realisations. Consider your possessions. Keep the peace without compromising.


You may be ending a chapter with a loved one and beginning a new experience that will test your ability to let go. Expect better things. Develop free, trustworthy relationships.


Workplace changes can be unsettling. Venus enters your sign on Nov. 16, enhancing your passion. Learn something new, explore hobbies, and be present. Stay upbeat despite life's challenges.


Consider what worked well and what you desire going forward using what you've learnt. During self-doubt, reach out to those who can keep you focused.


The month begins with healing, making it the ideal moment to review how childhood experiences affected your emotional relationships. Family members might discuss. Start over and put worries behind.


Ambition and devotion will increase this month, inspiring you to achieve your dreams. If recent trials have unsettled you, don't rush to abandon the present. Enjoy the journey without knowing where it leads.


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